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InvisiClues(tm) Hint Booklet for Spellbreaker

Sample Question

How can I get into the secret conference room?

Table of Contents

The Council Chamber
The Packed Earth Room
The Temple
The Soft Room
The Water Room
The Air Room
The Dungeon
The Light Room
The String Room
The Changing Room
The Good Room
The Plain
The Dark Room
The Volcano
The Vault
The Sand Room
The Magic Room
Stuff and Things
Cube Details
Magic Details
Details of Cubes' Effects on Spells
Spells and Their Locations
How the Points Are Scored
For Your Amusement

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Derived and "webbified" by Peter Scheyen from the text of the original hintbook transposed by Paul David Doherty and from The Lost Treasures of Infocom hintbook.

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