It's starting to look useful

The Debian version of Drupal was out of date, so I ditched it and installed the most recent version, plus recent modules and themes, in /usr/local/ instead. It seems to have worked out fairly well, and after some tinkering with it, it's actually looking like it could be useful. I do need to think about making a decent theme, though. That looks like it could be unpleasant.

Well, it begins...

My first foray into using a CMS, and the frightening social experience of laying your private thoughts open to a random set of total strangers who happen to stumble across the right digital alleyway.

I'm creating this more as a test to see how the technology works (or doesn't work), so I'm afraid that all you digital voyeurs out there may find yourselves a bit bored if you spend time just watching this spot.

Not, I expect, that this will deter some people.

A short debate on the history of Israel and Palestine

I once ended up in a discussion with a strongly pro-Israel LSU REU student [name removed at the request of the other participant] who attempted to convince me of the absolute purity of the Israeli people. Since I felt we weren't getting anywhere without supporting materials, I asked him to write up his positions and view of history in E-mail, where I could take the leisure to examine matters more fully.


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